Termite inspections for condos to fourplex’s can be booked online.
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A GTInspects Inc. termite inspection is a thorough examination of your building’s interior, exterior and subarea to determine the presence or absence of wood destroying organisms. Each inspection takes approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of your structure and/or the number of units. A written report including digital photographs is sent to you within three business days of the inspection. (See sample report.) You may choose to pay now as you book your appointment or “locally” at the time of the inspection.


Properties with a separate cottage or outbuilding require an additional fee, depending on its size. The fee is clearly shown before you confirm your appointment.

Appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to inspection or a cancellation fee of $50 will occur.

The inspector may arrive up to 15 minutes later than the scheduled appointment time.

Payments must be made on or before the day of the inspection, or a $25 late fee will occur.

Interior Condo Termite Inspection:  $195.00
½ to 1 hour | Book Now

Townhouse Termite Inspection:  $250.00
1 to 1½ hours | Book Now

Single Family Termite Inspection (less than 1500 sq. ft.): $325.00
1 to 1½ hours | Book Now

Single Family Termite Inspection (1500-3000 sq. ft.): $350.00
1½ to 2 hours | Book Now

Single Family Termite Inspection (3000-4000 sq. ft.): $375.00
1½ to 2 hours | Book Now

Properties with a separate cottage or outbuilding require an additional fee, depending on its size. The fee is clearly shown before you confirm your appointment.

For homes over 4000 sq.ft, please call (510) 530-0687.

Duplex Termite Inspection:  $375.00
2 to 2½ hours | Book Now

Triplex Termite Inspection:  $425.00
2 – 2½ hours | Book Now

Fourplex Termite Inspection:  $475.00
2½ – 3 hours | Book Now

These services can be booked by calling (510) 530-0687.
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Older stucco homes, especially in our Bay Area climate, are at risk for wood decay. Stucco is a cement-like material usually 3/4″ thick and it holds paint well. However, it does not “breathe” like wood-sided buildings during normal seasonal expansion and contraction. Should hidden leaks develop at the roof, flashing, inset gutters, windows, doors or through settlement cracks, the moisture has no way to escape the stucco. Should these types of leaks become chronic, wood decay will result.

The only way to know if there is wood decay is to make a small hole through the stucco at known critical areas in order to probe the wood for softness. If damage is found, then additional holes in the near vicinity are made to determine if the damage is spreading. There is no getting around the fact that test openings are invasive. However, the damage that can be found after performing test openings can be in the thousand of dollars, especially on homes that are over 50 years old or have flat roofs or parapet walls. The sooner you act, the less it will cost.

Based on recent changes in the Structural Pest Control Act/Enforcement, test holes can no longer be made during an original inspection. (See Structural Pest Control Board Memo.)

Service Steps:

  • GTInspects Inc. will make an original inspection of your property and assess whether test openings are advised due to the possibility of moisture intrusion and/or decay behind the stucco exterior.
  • We will generate a written Structural Pest Control report, and if test openings are advised, recommend further inspection of the stucco by installing the holes.
  • Should test openings be recommended, you must authorize the test holes by signing an authorization form and submitting payment either “locally” during the service or in advance by credit card.
  • We will install the test openings in the exterior stucco. Normally 8 to 14 holes are installed approximately chest high. The number of holes is dependent upon the size and complexity of the structure. The holes are about the size of a quarter and are installed using a hammer. The openings will be filled with a stucco patch (normally white or grey) and left unpainted.
  • We finish by submitting a supplemental written report outlining our findings and recommendations as necessary. In addition, a standard notice of Work Completed/Not Completed will be issued as per the Structural Pest Control Board rules and regulations.
Chris Bowler is in charge of GT Inspects Inc’s Chemical Treatments and Repairs. He will walk you through the process and address all your questions and concerns.

To schedule, please contact Chris directly at 510-530-0687.

When calling, please have the property address on your inspection report ready, and the report itself, if possible. Chris can quickly pull your file, discuss what you need and arrange a convenient date for the service to be performed.

GT Inspects Inc. loves to give competitive termite bids. If you chose the wrong termite company and now have a large, confusing or scary termite report to deal with, we can help!

At no charge, we will perform a competitive termite bid. Our “second opinions” have saved owner’s thousands of dollars. It is not unusual to save 15-20% on average, and sometimes even more.

To schedule a competitive termite bid, the original report must be within 6 months of today’s date. We will need copy of the report and clear guidance as to which items you would like us to address.

Please call us, and then submit the complete report including the price page. (Otherwise we would be doing a new inspection and not a competitive bid.)

Please mail, email or fax the report, together with any additional information you think may be helpful:

Mailing Address:
GT Inspects Inc.
4820 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619

(510) 743-4259


The City of Oakland now requires sidewalk inspections and the repair/replacement of damaged sidewalks before the sale of residential properties in Oakland.  Due to some confusion, the city has provided a “semi-reprieve” until till October 7, 2019, but most of the ordinance is now in effect. Click here for full details.

GT Inspects, Inc., in conjunction with Gen-Tech Construction, Inc., performs stand-alone sidewalk inspections without a termite inspection for $125.00. They can be scheduled by calling our office at 510-530-0687.

To schedule a sidewalk inspection together with a termite inspection, use the “Book Online!” options above. In this case, the fee for the sidewalk inspection is $75.00 in addition to the termite inspection fee.

For termite inspections of buildings with 5 or more units, call (510) 530-0687.